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Vista tn3270 is a Windows program designed to emulate IBM 3270 terminals connected to a host via IP link. Currently it is available for a free 30 day trial, and costs only $30.  If you are looking for an emulator created with mainframe programmers in mind, then give this one a try.  You might find some unique features unavailable even on the highest priced commercial emulators.

Click here to download.

For auditors: Vista does not use java, and therefore is not affected by the cve-2021-44228 vulnerability.
For encryption users: Vista uses OpenSSL for encryption, and in 2014 the Heartbleed bug was in the news. Also in 2014 news was an SSL attack called POODLE that apparently does not affect TLS. The latest version of Vista contains a recent version of OpenSSL that fixes Heartbleed, along with support for (up to) TLS 1.2 which addresses POODLE.
Vista Features Vista has features designed especially for programmers, such as built-in multiple cut and paste buffers, fully tailorable keyboard, extensive select/copy/paste functions - including SelectJCL, which can pick out dataset names, parms, and other items with a single mouse click.
Click here for a list of major features.

PC and Host RequirementsVista runs on any Windows platform, and because of its thin code can even perform well on older machines with little memory or disk space.

Technical SupportVista is currently supported only through e-mail. Click here for information.

About the AuthorFor a bit of information about the author, click here.

Screen Samples Vista uses bitmapped raster fonts for the clearest text possible. There are 2 sets, "Thick" and "Thin", in 73 sizes each from 4x6 to 16x36. With so many sizes you should easily be able to setup Vista to suit your monitor size and terminal model preferences, either full-screen or windowed.
Click here for some screen samples.

Download a 30-day TrialTo download a 30 day trial of the Vista tn3270 Emulator for Windows, click here.

Ordering Information For single or multiple ordering information, click here.

Other Items Click here for some free items, such as a font editor and extra sound files for Vista tn3270.

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