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Changes for Vista TN3270 version 1.27
Problem Fixes

P0910 2014/11/12 Multiple file transfers don't work at all after fix P0896. Fixed.
P0905 2014/07/22 The "Bytes Transferred" message is appearing in the file transfer log and filling up that file with junk. Fixed.
P0903 2014/04/19 Status bar does not repaint correctly on some machines. Added StatusBarFullPaint=1 option to force full repaint as workaround.
P0902 2014/04/14 Garbage appears on screen when selected SSL/TLS protocol is not supported by the host. Fixed.
P0900 2014/04/10 Switch from OpenSSL 1.01e to 1.01g for the HeartBleed bug fix. I don't believe the bug affects Vista TN3270 since it is a client, not a server. But just to be safe, the latest OpenSSL is now implemented.
P0899 2014/03/30 One second sub-timer is not correct. Fixed.
P0898 2014/03/29 Connection window does not display user height and width correctly when switching *.ses file. Fixed.
P0897 2014/03/13 Added WheelDelay INI option for mouse wheel. Seems to work.
P0896 2014/03/01 vst$exec (and other vst$ temp files) are shared between open Vista windows. Changed to vst$x$ where x is the session id letter.
P0894 2013/10/17 Added ColorModifyField=1 INI option to enable coloring of fields when a ModifyField structured field order arrives.
P0891 2013/09/18 CUT mode IND$FILE transfer not converting non-US characters correctly. Fixed.
P0890 2013/08/22 Keypad window not showing up on correct monitor. Fixed.
P0889 2013/08/15 vst$exec.mac written to root directory instead of macros dir. Fixed.
P0888 2013/08/14 Serialize standard.ses saving to avoid corruption
P0885 2013/07/29 Show screen on active monitor if old position has no monitor
P0882 2013/02/09 Reconnect should occur when Ok is pressed after a disconnect occurs. Fixed
P0881 2013/02/09 Printer should stay the same after you use the PrintScreenAsk function. Fixed
P0855 2012/08/11 Replaced SSL lock bitmap with a lock character to eliminate refreshing the lock image, which was causing it to blink on some computers.
P0879 2012/08/08 Copy new user parameter files from defaults only if user directory does not exist. Do not check session file.
P0878 2012/08/08 Session Name not saved in General Options window when Enter is pressed. Fixed.
P0876 2012/03/29 Fixed various problems with the keypad editor and keypad execution.
P0883 2011/09/11 Attempt to rebuild standard.ses from standard.ses.backup if that file becomes unusable.
P0868 2011/02/07 Change clipboard to allocate buffer size as needed. Fixes problem with pasting to Excel and Calc programs.
P0865 2010/06/29 Modify date in transfer log
P0864 2010/06/29 Problem with very short TN3270E i/o buffers. Fixed.
P0862 2010/06/29 Host name field on connection window doesn't scroll, limiting input to about 30 bytes instead of 64. Fixed.
P0861 2010/05/17 Reply Mode is not reset to zero with reset from host. Fixed.
P0855 2009/12/08 Left area on status bar blinks ever 1/2 second or so with no user input. Fixed.
P0853 2009/05/28 CUT mode binary file transfer has errors in translation tables. Fixed.
P0850 2009/05/01 WheelUp and WheelDown buffers are too small. Changed from 64 to 1000 bytes. Fixed.
P0834 2008/11/06 Printer selection only shows local printers. Added ShowRemotePrinters=1 INI option to show remotes.
P0837 2008/06/10 Long printer names overlay fields in session control block. Fixed.
P0839 2008/08/07 PrintScreen with selection produces blank page. Fixed.
P0842 2008/08/21 When the starting location of the Instr macro function is something other than zero, the function returns an offset from that location rather than an offset from the start of the string. Use FixInstrFunction=1 INI option to enable the fix.
P0843 2008/12/03 ISPF columns not working correctly when top menu is not displayed. Fixed.
P0846 2009/02/05 VM/320 Hercules logon screen has an EAU (12) at the end of the input buffer with no SBA. Vista is using the FFEF as an SBA and displaying and error message. Fixed.


C0904 2014/05/01 Added option for color specification for the Find command highlighting.
C0901 2014/04/13 Added logic to display SSL information when the lock is clicked.
C0895 2013/11/24 Allow shift/ctrl at startup to show registration menu items
C0893 2013/10/16 Added TLS options for 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2. Also included the latest OpenSSL dll's libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll. Note that libssl32.dll is no longer needed.
C0892 2013/09/20 Added "specified cursor color" option to Cursor Color options. Color is specified with new "Other Items" option on Color panel.
C0887 2013/08/14 Added UseAppdata=1 option to files.ini which tells Vista to use %appdata% for the parameter file location instead of My Documents.
C0886 2013/07/31 Added second parameter to Key("Reconnect") macro statement so user can specify a hostname, such as Key("Reconnect","myhost.com")
C0883 2013/05/19 Added DisplayByField INI option to display fields separately instead of as a single entity of the same character color and style.
C0875 2012/03/28 Added control values to the Find function to allow a macro invocation
C0874 2012/03/28 Added RND macro statement to generate random numbers for testing
C0872 2011/09/11 Add /c command line option for background and icon color selection
C0871 2011/04/24 Added ExtraButtons=1 INI option to allow user to include more user-defined buttons for toolbar and keypad.
C0869 2011/02/26 Added VST= option in files.ini for redirecting vst$exec to an alternate directory.
C0867 2011/02/09 Added ini options for PA4-PA10 and PF25-PF36 keys for a a couple of customers.
C0866 2010/12/01 Added /i command line option to set the session id letter as specified.
C0863 2010/07/01 Added RemoveHex1A INI option to remove the hex 1A byte at the end of downloaded files.
C0860 2010/04/22 Max screen height increased from 90 to 99 lines
C0859 2010/04/22 Modified startup process so that all files in the default directory are copied if standard.ses is not found. Prior to this only specified files were copied.
C0858 2010/04/22 Added a third option to the Open macro function. If set to true (1), the Open function will return an error code to the macro processing if there is an Open error.
C0857 2010/04/22 Added INI option MoveCursorOnCut=1 to move the cursor to the top left of the selection window after a Cut function
C0856 2009/12/20 Added undocumented KeepAliveTimes ini option to allow different keepalive times per host name. Added KeepAliveValue option to allow different KeepAlive byte codes. Set default keepalive time to zero (no keepalive)
C0851 2009/05/04 Added ability to specify a port number on the host name, such as
C0849 2009/04/29 Create user files on the fly if they do not exist
C0847 2009/03/21 Added option in country.lst for character set id. Example: CodePage 870 959
C0848 2009/04/29 Added the /r option for running a macro string from cmd line. ex: vistaTN3270.exe /r value=12
C0844 2008/12/03 The Session() macro function now returns a value indicating whether the session was actually switched or not.
C0845 2009/01/21 Changed max default number of rows from 72 to 90 for AllowDefaultSizeChange=1 mode.

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