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Changes for Vista TN3270 version 1.28
Problem Fixes

P0979 2022/03/25 TLS Information window displays Valid date wrong. Fixed.
P0978 2021/03/14 LUNAME field is truncating to 15 characters. Should be 17 I believe. Fixed.
P0975 2020/02/10 When using the NoSessionSave=1 INI option, it's easy to connect to the wrong IP address since the last is not saved. Fixed.
P0974 2020/02/10 CheckForMacroRunning=1 INI file option does not allow keypresses when recording a macro. Fixed.
P0973 2019/12/13 Added additional INI IgnoreInvalidSBA=1 logic to skip SBA out-of-bounds check
P0971 2019/12/13 If you enter or paste a Host/IP name that already exists in the list into the connection window, with a trailing space, that space is not trimmed before attempting to look up the name in the list and we get a failure message. Fixed.
P0969 2019/11/10 Added INI option IgnoreInvalidSBA=1 to ignore an invalid SBA outside the screen area, and instead only flag the error if we try to write outside the screen area. Also added IgnoreInvalidWrite=1 to skip error message on invalid screen update attempts.
P0968 2019/11/03 Default KeepAliveTime=240 (4 minutes) causes disconnects if a keepalive is sent during a temporary (short) network outage. Set to zero (no keepalive) as default.
P0964 2019/03/03 ORDER RA within an RA causes loop in Vista. This may be an error in the 3270 stream, but we should probably not die because of it. Fixed by using the second RA address as a target location.
P0963 2019/01/05 Setting blinking text to italics causes abend. Even when this code did not abend, the italic text did not appear on the screen correctly. Removed this option.
P0960 2018/10/28 Screen data errors with host program sends a single byte FF in an I/O buffer in a string of multiple I/O buffers for a single screen. Fixed.
P0958 2018/10/04 Stack overlay in input processing causes NewSession function to abend and kill the current window while still starting a new one. Confusing! Fixed.
P0956 2018/08/02 When running Session(x) to cascade a number of Vista windows so that A is on on top and others are underneath (opposite of Cascade function), not all windows are organized correctly. Fixed.
P0954 2018/07/19 On a particular Supersession screen (Send Message), and I assume various other products and screens, Vista fails to auto-jump to the next field because there are multiple field bytes adjacent to each other, and Vista misses the jump instruction. Fixed
P0953 2018/07/12 After some Win 10 updates around 2016 (according to google), dynamically loaded fonts take long enough to load and delete that it can confuse the user as to whether Vista has really started or stopped. Fixed with new AddFontResourceEx(FR_PRIVATE) which loads font into each Vista session instead of globally. Problem can also be alleviated by copying *.FON files to the c:\windows\fonts directory.
P0951 2018/07/12 After installation of Win 10 1803 updates (I believe) Vista window resizing would lock up after a few resizes. This only happens with "Size Window to Font" (which is the default). Fixed by only resizing to font when mouse is lifted, with a 0.2 second delay.
P0949 2017/10/01 Older "MS Sans Serif" Font used for dialogs do not allow for smooth drawing, causing difficulty to read on my new display. Fixed by switching to Newer "Microsoft Sans Serif". This may cause trouble on Win XP or other old systems. I am not testing XP with new Vista versions anymore.
P0947 2017/09/28 When switching focus to Vista in an RDP session, multiple WM_KEYUP messages are causing Enter to be pressed multiple times. Fixed with INI option IgnoreKeyUp80=1 (may be the default later). My theory is that RDP sends multiple keyup messgages to the shifter keys to make sure they are released at task switch, which confuses Vista shifter key processing.
P0946 2017/07/02 When running PasteByTyping with tabs in the clipboard, fields are sometimes skipped when a tab follows an auto-skip. Fixed so that tab char is ignored immediately after an auto-skip.
P0945 2017/06/15 File transfer fails when \\ is coded at the front of a filename Fixed.
P0942 2017/05/02 When Keypad is set to appear at startup, main screen does not have the focus. Fixed.
P0940 2017/03/05 With MS 2015 compiler, bottom window border is not correct. Needed to increase vertical constant from 4 to 8 in SetWindowSize() routine. Fixed.
P0939 2017/03/05 Default /certs directory is not being created for a new user. Fixed. Also eliminated user parm file creation at install time (Inno Setup option).
P0937 2017/01/31 Transfer byte count goes negative when transferring over 2G. Oops. Fixed.
P0933 2017/01/31 CUT mode download with RA (repeat to address) orders corrupts output file. Fixed.
P0936 2017/01/29 Abend sometimes when closing many Vista windows at once (Exit All) Fixed.
P0935 2017/01/25 File transfer path in upload/download windows is limited to 120 characters. Fixed to allow 256 characters, which is the current Windows default limit.
P0934 2017/01/10 FIN-2 waits accumulating on VM host after Vista logoff and host disconnect. Vista was not closing the IP connection properly in some cases. Fixed.
P0932 2017/01/02 Window won't resize correctly when second monitor is larger than the primary monitor. Workaround by skipping the monitor size check when resizing. For now.
P0930 2017/01/02 Abend when copying after visting Copy/Paste options window Fixed.
P0929 2016/12/29 MS VS 2015 compiler issues: Keypad too small, icon selector not showing properly. Fixed.


C0977 2021/01/31 Trying setsockopt options for keepalive again. Not sure they will help at all.
C0976 2020/07/24 Added CascadeX and CascadeY INI options for position of window at startup
C0972 2019/12/13 Changed the File/Save-Session-As function so an icon is not created by default. Do not open the file manager window when creating a taskbar icon. Icon to Desktop is now the default.
C0967 2019/10/27 Added option to compile with latest SSL encryption libraries (TLS 1.3) Fixed. Note: This is a conditional compile, so the version you are running may or may not include the new libraries.
C0966 2019/06/02 Added HexDec macro function
C0962 2018/12/28 Added GetOption/SetOption logic for font size.
C0961 2018/11/28 Added UNLOCKED.EXT exit point that calls a macro when the screen goes from locked to unlocked. Like other exit points, this only runs if another macro is not already running or being recorded.
C0959 2018/10/05 User reported that their large macro gets error code 52 (Scan table exceeded) So let's try increasing that getmain size 10 times and see if that helps.
C0957 2018/09/02 Added "Separate" to General options for screen capture and screen saving, which will create a dated directory under the screens/ directory and place sequentially numbered files there for each screen save.
C0955 2018/07/30 Added command line option /G to allow specification of ini filename, such as "/g prod.ini" or "/g icc.ini" which can be used for separating hostnames into groups. Note that all ini files must be in Documents\TomBrennanSoftware\VistaTN3270
C0952 2018/07/12 Added system variable "InsertMode" so a macro can read the status of the insert key (i.e. either "Normal" or "Insert" is returned)
C0950 2018/06/30 Added code so that the SendFile and ReceiveFile functions can have the PC and mainframe filename parms swapped either way. This is so you can do a change-all from Send or Receive to more easily switch a macro from upload to download. Requires INI option AllowSendReceiveSwap=1
C0948 2017/11/12 Added "Host Initiated Printing" and logic to Display options, so that if the WCC "print" bit is set by the host, Vista will run through its screen printing logic. Also added WCCPrintAccumulate INI option and logic for special label printer.
C0944 2017/05/13 Added INI option "AdditionalKeys" to allow a larger number of *.KEY entries when using a non-standard keyboard. Requires some undocumented changes to country.lst.
C0943 2017/05/02 Added INI option "Notepad" for specifying an alternative to notepad.exe for editing in Vista. Example: Notepad=C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe
C0941 2017/04/17 Added PrevScreen and NextScreen retrieval logic and functions for scrolling back and forth between previously viewed screens.
C0908 2016/03/18 Added support for direct IP6 connections. Note: This required changes to the way Vista looks up the host name, which fixed an unrelated IP4 problem a user reported.
C0928 2016/12/29 Convert to MS VS 2015 compiler (does not work on XP) I may be able to use this new compiler for XP too, not sure yet.

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