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Download Vista TN3270

You can download and install Vista for a 30 day trial, just click on the link below and then follow the directions for a quick installation. If you are a registered or company licensed user, your previous registration will be valid after any updates. If you decide to purchase, note that this is a one time charge with no additional fees for support and updates to the V1.xx product.

Important note for anyone new to the mainframe: Vista provides a way to connect your Windows PC to an existing mainframe but it does not provide a mainframe. If you are new to mainframes and don't have one to connect to, you might try running the Hercules-TK5 setup.

Click for Vista V1.28 - March 21, 2023
  3M self-installing exe - for Windows 7, 8, 10, & 11
  Supports TLSv1.0 through TLSv1.3
  What's new with V1.28?
Click for Vista V1.27 - November 12, 2014
  2M self-installing exe - for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10, & 11
  Supports SSLv2 through TLSv1.2
  What's new with V1.27?
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  Running Vista for the first time
  • The Setup routine creates 2 Vista icons. Run the one named "Vista" when you want the Connect Window to appear so you can type in your host name or address. The second, named "Vista Standard" will attempt to automatically connect to the last used host, without showing the Connect Window. Use this once you've established a host connection.

  • The initial key layout is similar to IBM's 3270 emulator. You may need to run the Key Editor early on so you'll feel more comfortable with the product. Start the Key Editor (Options/Keyboard Edit) and press the Help button on the resulting window for a quick description of how to change keys. And feel free to contact me at the address below if you have problems or questions.

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