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You can download and install Vista for a 30 day trial, just click on the link below and then follow the directions for a quick installation.
If you are a registered or company licensed user, your previous registration will be valid after any updates. See below for details.

Production Version

  Click for Vista V1.27 - November 12, 2014
     1.8 Meg self-installing exec - for Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Windows Vista, 7, 8, & 10 (32 bit and 64 bit versions)
     Note: Do not install V1.27 on top of V1.24 - instead, use the default installation directory.    
  What's new with V1.27?
    V1.27 Help Documentation in PDF format (thanks to a Vista user)

Previous Versions

  Click here for previous versions

  Running Vista for the first time
  • The Setup routine creates 2 Vista icons. Run the one named "Vista" when you want the Connect Window to appear so you can type in your host name or address. The second, named "Vista Standard" will attempt to automatically connect to the last used host, without showing the Connect Window. Use this once you've established a host connection.

  • The initial key layout is similar to IBM's 3270 emulator. You may need to run the Key Editor early on so you'll feel more comfortable with the product. Start the Key Editor (Options/Keyboard Edit) and press the Help button on the resulting window for a quick description of how to change keys. And feel free to contact me at the address below if you have problems or questions.

  Installing V1.24 over a previous release of V1.24
  • You might want to backup your previous version. All files needed by Vista are contained in the Vista directory - so a complete backup should be easy.

  • Make sure any previous release Vista windows are closed before starting the maintenance installation. Normally there is no need to reboot your PC after installation if all Vista windows are closed first. However, if you do have trouble after a re-install, please try a PC reboot if possible.

  • Just follow the instructions listed above as if this was a first time install. It's best to re-install the updated version on top of your previous Vista directory. The Setup process knows to keep files previously modified by the user (such as session and keyboard changes), so your previous tailoring won't be lost.

  • Company licensed users (which do not require shareware-style registration codes) must install on top of your previous release, or the program may think it is running as a trial (contact me for more information if necessary).

  Installing V1.27 with your old V1.24 settings
  • V1.27 installs into totally separate directories than V1.24. This allows you to have both versions installed at once and keep everything separate, but it also means that your prior settings (key edits, options, host names, etc.) will not be automatically implemented when you install V1.27.

  • If you used the defaults, you should have these directories for the various setting files:

    V1.24 - c:\Program Files\Vista32
    V1.27 - My Documents\TomBrennanSoftware\VistaTN3270

  • You can copy your setting files from the V1.24 directory to the V1.27 user directory, and the first time you use those setting files, they will be converted to the V1.27 format. Depending on your needs, you might want to copy:
  • *.SES - session options and settings
    *.KEY - keyboard modifications
    *.BAR - toolbar modifications
    *.PAD - keypad modifications

  • And if you have any macro modifications, you'll need to copy the contents of the macros subdirectory from the old V1.24 location to the new one.

  • In V1.24 the host names and IP addresses are stored in c:\windows\vista.ini. You can copy that INI file to your V1.27 VistaTN3270 directory too, rather than type in host names all over again.
  • You'll need to click the Help/Enter-Registration-Code menu option and enter your V1.24 registration name and code after V1.27 installation. If you don't have your old registration e-mail, just send me a note.
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