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Vista TN3270 General Features

Vista has the following features and more:
  TN3270 Terminal Support
  With Extended Attributes, Highlighting, Reverse Video, Graphics-Escape character set, etc. Emulates most functions of 327x terminal models 2, 3, 4, 5, along with user specified screen sizes up to 200 lines by 200 characters wide.
  Easy Connect/Reconnect
  Quick connection to various hosts, without needing a separate configuration program
Easy reconnect, and easy terminal model alteration
Up to 36 multiple host sessions (windows labeled A through Z and 1 through 9)
Assign an Alias name to a host name or IP address
  Rich set of Display Options and Special Functions
  Large set of bitmap fonts for easy reading at most screen resolutions
TrueType font support (V1.29)
Window auto-sized to fonts
Fully customizable screen colors with brightness control
Multiple Copy/Paste buffers (up to 9)
Rich set of Copy and Paste methods such as PasteWindow text stream formatting
Smart selection of words on screen using SelectJCL function
Smart replace of words on screen using PasteJCL function
Screen level Undo/Redo
Smart Row/Column indicator shows actual data column when in the ISPF editor
Find function for finding data on a complex screen
Option to prefix all input with spaces, to avoid 3270 null character problems
Completely definable window title and status bar text, with variables
Type ahead buffer
Auto keyboard unlock
Capture screen to a file
Capture screen in HTML format (V1.29)
Screen print with definable settings for each terminal type
Disable Auto-Skip and/or Numeric Lock
Destructive or non-destructive BackSpace
Blinking text shows as blinking, italic, or normal text
Full control over Cursor size/shape and blink/noblink
Locator cursor action to help you find it on complex screens
Horizontal, Vertical, or Crosshairs ruler of any color follows cursor
Support for McGill's PCPRINT TSO command
Screen "Hot Spot" support for items like https:// URL selection
Each session can have a different color icon and screen border, to make window switching easier
  Fully Customizable Keyboard
  Almost Any key on a standard 101 keyboard can be modified
Each key can be set to repeat or not when held down
Each key can be set to be buffered or set to interrupt a locked screen
A Find function is available in the keyboard editor to find key functions
Mouse keys can be set to issue any function or macro
Scroll Wheel defaults to F7 and F8, but can be modified
Shift, Ctrl, and Alt keys can be set to functions, while retaining their normal use
CapsLock and Numlock can be redefined, or even disabled
Special non-3270 functions are available such as BottomHome and BackNewLine
  Customizable Toolbar and Popup Keypads
  Toolbar buttons can be added, moved, or deleted as needed
Any toolbar button can be assigned any key or macro function
Create your own toolbar buttons using any bitmap editor
Shift, Ctrl, and Alt keys can modify a toolbar button's function
  TLS Encrypted Sessions
  Vista TN3270 supports TLS encrypted sessions, with or without certificate checking
  File Transfer Between PC and Host
  IND$FILE transfer is supported for TSO and CMS in either WSF (Write Structured Field) or CUT (Control Unit Terminal) mode. When running TSO or CMS, commands issued on the mainframe provide a dataset/file or member list on the PC.
Multiple file transfer ability, such as a download of multiple PDS members.
Space and DCB Allocation parameters (V1.29)
  Macro/Script processing language
  Automatically record macro scripts, or create them yourself
Assign macros to the keyboard, mouse, or toolbar buttons
Macro screen input is typed as soon as screen unlocks, with no delay timer needed
Initiate file transfers from macros
  International code page support
  Codepages for various western countries are included.
Keyboard layout options with escape key functions for accented characters
  Thin Code that runs on any Windows 32bit platform
  Vista provides all these features and more in an very fast-loading and fast-operating emulation package. Under 10M of disk storage for the average installation. Gets you connected quickly even on older PC's.
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