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Items to Note:

  • Almost any key on a standard 101 key keyboard can be edited from this dialog, including 3 mouse keys.

  • Keys such as CapsLock and NumLock can be edited, or even disabled. There are some restrictions on their use to be compatible with basic Windows functions, however.

  • The "Immediate" checkbox allows the user to specify which keys will be immediately sent to the host rather than stored in the type-ahead buffer when the screen is in a locked state. The Attention key is a good example of this function.

  • The "Repeat" checkbox allows the user to specify which keys repeat when held down, and which do not. For example, by default the alpha and numeric keys will repeat when held, but the Enter key will not.

  • Key functions are divided up in groups of Action, Edit, Char, Oper, and Macro, to avoid having to hunt through a huge list of items.

  • After selecting an item from a list at the lower left, you can use the Find button to show you all keys that have been edited to that function or character.

  • Various user-defined keyfiles can be loaded and saved as needed.

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