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Just a bunch of notes in no particular order.

Does Vista work on Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, or my Cell Phone?
Getting Unusual Keyboard Keys to Work
Can Vista handle GDDM graphic characters?
Vista is Asking Me for a Userid and Password
I'm Getting Connection Error 10061 or Similar with Hercules TK4
Using the Telnet Command to Check for Connection Issues
Does Vista Support FTP and/or SFTP File Transfers?
Is There a Difference Between Trial and Licensed Versions?
Are You a Single Person?
Can I Print the Current Date/Time on Screen Prints?
Does Tom Brennan Software Provide Mainframe Services?
Using PasteWindow and PasteFlow
Where are the Vista Parameters and Settings Saved?
My Own Keyboard Preferences
Do I Need to Install Vista TN3270 as an Administrator?
Where are the Vista Fonts Stored?
Tips for New 3270 Users
Status Bar Column Numbers in ISPF Edit
Don't Touch the Left Side of the Color Options
Various Files Used for Vista Settings
The Backspace Key is Not Doing What I Want
Screen Hot Spots
Where is the Save option in Vista TN3270?
Can Vista TN3270 handle VTAM Printers?
Show What Session you are Viewing with TPX
Can I Connect to Different Ports or LU's on the Same Host?
Does Vista TN3270 Work as a 5250 or Telnet Client?
Can I Set User Defined Screen Sizes?
Can multiple userids on the PC use the program?
I Have to Install the Program on 100 PC's
Does Vista TN3270 Work with Citrix?
Can the program handle HLLAPI?
Do You Have an MSI Installer?
Can Vista Handle TLS (encrypted) Sessions?
What is the Gray Border Around the Text Area?
I Lost My Registration Name and Code
Do You Have a Version for Mac, Linux, iPad, etc.?
Transferring Multiple Files
Windows Protected Your PC
Code Page and CCSID
Function Keys (PF Keys) Not Working on Dell Laptop
Where are Various Keys? Reset, Enter, Newline, Insert, Erase EOF, and Others

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