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The following items are available as free PC software.  Some items may be fairly complete and tested, such as the font editor, and others are not-so-complete.   Some are really for programmers and are not setup as a final user product.  Just send me an e-mail if you have questions or comments.
  Tom's Raster Font Editor  (Windows 95 and later)
  If you tend to use a few Vista window sizes most of the time, you may want to edit a few characters to your own liking.  For example, although I like the less jagged appearance of the square-like zeros supplied with Vista, you might like them a bit more rounded.  

Click on the link above to download the file, then execute and install into your existing Vista32 directory.

Don't forget to backup any *.FON files before modifying them.

  VSTEXEC is a program you can run on the host under TSO which can be used to initiate emulator macros, or download files for PC printing (VSTPRINT, an alias).

Click on the link above to download, then unzip using PKUNZIP or equivalent, and follow the directions in the resulting README.TXT file.  

Source code included.

  VMVISTA VM Command
  VMVISTA is a program for VM that duplicates the functions of VSTEXEC (above). Click on the link to download the file, and then use VMARC to obtain the source and load module. Provided thanks to Chris Langford of Cestrian Software.
  Some Sounds for Vista
  Here are a few extra beeps and sounds I made on a synthesizer (Yamaha TG-100) that you might want to use for Vista events. The file is a bit too large to distribute with the base Vista installation (500K or so).

Just download to your Vista directory, unzip, and you should then be able to assign the sound files to events with the Set Sounds button on the Display Options panel.

  Tom's Tape Label Maker  (Windows 95 and later)
  I use this program to make 3490 tape labels that cover the side and front edge of the cartridge.  Useful for turning old PUT tapes into tapes you can send out with a "do not return" notice.

This program is written in Visual Basic V5, and only the source code is included here (mainly because VB setup.exe files are so huge it's not worth the download!).  Most likely you'll want to modify the program for your use anyway.

Click on the link above to download a zip file containing the VB source code.  Unzip using an option that unzips the original directory structure, such as:


  zType  (Windows 95 and later)
  This program can be called from a Visual Basic (or other high-level programming language) program to open other applications and send simulated keystrokes to other windows.  For example, I use this to create fairly complex MS-Exchange notes automatically from VB, without bothering with MAPI or other mail interfaces.

This program was written in Microsoft C (V5), and both the source code and resulting DLL file are included.  The source code contains some examples of how to call the program from a VB routine.

Click on the link above to download the zip file.

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