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Text Selection Methods
Vista has various options for selecting screen text. "Selection" is the process of drawing a rectangle around the text that you intend to Cut, Copy, or Delete. Vista's select options are:
SelectJCL An intelligent selection method based on screen content and mouse position. See below for more information on how this works
SelectWord Select a word of text (delimited by spaces)
SelectText Selects all text in a field, but trims leading and trailing spaces
SelectField Selects an entire field, regardless of spaces or nulls
SelectLine Selects an entire line
SelectAll Selects the entire screen
  And of course you can draw a selection rectangle by holding down the left mouse button.

SelectJCL is designed to help eliminate the need to drag a selection window across the screen.  For example, a single right-click with the mouse positioned in the left half of the word TESTID1, produced the following selection:

A right-click on the left half of the word JCL, picked out this TSO-style dataset name:

Clicking at various locations on the same line will produce other predictable results. Typically, clicking the left half of a word will return that word plus everything in the parameter that follows. Clicking the right half of a word will return only that word. See the chart below for additional examples:

To select the string below: Use SelectJCL at this location:
DSN=TESTID1.JCL.CNTL(IDCAMS) Left half of the word DSN
DSN Right half of the word DSN
DSN=TESTID1 Click the = sign
TESTID1.JCL.CNTL(IDCAMS) Left half of the word TESTID1
TESTID1.JCL.CNTL Click any dot in the datasetname
JCL.CNTL(IDCAMS) Left half of the word JCL
JCL Right half of the word JCL
CNTL(IDCAMS) Left half of the word CNTL
CNTL Right half of the word CNTL
(IDCAMS) Click the left parenthesis
IDCAMS Click any part of the word IDCAMS
DISP=SHR Left half of the word DISP
DISP Right half of the word DISP
SHR Any part of the word SHR

SelectJCL also has many other abilities built into it, such as the ability to return all parameters between parenthesis or ticks, with or without the surrounding characters. This can save a lot of the tedious mouse-oriented selection we usually do today.

With your right-mouse single-click set to SelectJCL, and the double-click set to Copy, you can right-double-click at various locations on the screen, copying various pieces of text into multiple copy buffers for later use, with minimal dragging.

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