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Although Vista is created and supported by a single programmer, you may find I can often respond as well as the support you might receive from a much larger company.
  E-Mail Support - support@tombrennansoftware.com

Send me a note with your question or problem, and I will answer it as quickly as possible. If you have a problem that you can reproduce, please try to describe the actions which cause it.

Although I check for new e-mail several times per day, you still may have to wait overnight for a response, since I'm on the west coast of the USA.

To solve some problems, I may need a trace of the IP send/receive buffers. Menu option Help/Debug has a Trace item. If you have a problem you think is related to your IP or SNA environment, please check the Trace menu item and try to reproduce the problem. Then close Vista and save the resulting sessionX.trc file, where X is the session letter (A,B,C,etc.) you were running when the error occurred. Note that Trace only traces TCPIP I/O, not any other events.

  Phone Support
  For larger orders I do provide phone support for high-priority problems. Check your license letter or other correspondence for my cell-phone number.
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